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Value added services

Value added services

At Dinit we are constantly looking to meeting our clients needs and thus developing services that could offer an additional value to our clients and providing them with a competitive advantage in terms of new services or in terms of costs.

Digital services

At Dinit we are continuously tracking consumer journey trends and trying to respond to them when developing new end customers solutions.

Digital services were developed as a response to customers non stop connectivity and the need to control their finance everywhere at any time. Digital services are designed for all types of customers (consumer, corporate, merchants) and for all types of interactions (desktop/mobile/tablet). Digital services are built on modern responsive web technologies and loosely coupled (API based SOA architecture) to enable fast integration with any type of front and backend data providers.

Key benefits

Key features

Back-Office outsourcing services

At Dinit we have a Back-Office team of fully competent users of all our systems and solutions, which offer to our clients a possibility to outsource a wide range of Back-Offices services, such as:

Back office supporting languages are: English, Italian, Slovenian and Croatian.

Printing centre

Our Printing centre has highly specialized tools:

  • for statements and letters template generation, printing and folding
  • card plastic personalization and embossing

We are also organizing the postage delivery for our clients