Services & solutions

Payment processing

Corporate solutions

As per response to corporate customers evolving needs in the last years, we have developed a wide range of corporate solutions that increase efficiency and security of corporate cards management as well as defines new ways of card payments possibilities.


  • Corporate accounts possibilities: one account, different cards or multiple accounts with different limits, virtual lodge accounts.
  • Wide range of corporate cards types
  • Personal, corporate or shared liability.
  • Different types of payments: Sepa DD, manual payment, e-invoice, etc.
  • Wide range of statements: individual, corporate, transaction lists only.
  • Global vision integration for Diners Club International cards.


A corporate/business travel account (CTA/BTA) is designed for any company that wants to purchase travel services through a travel management company.Enhanced travel data is a service strongly connected to the centrally billed Corporate/Business travel account product and provided thru an external data providers who manage:

  • Collection of enhanced travel data from Travel agencies
  • Data quality checks and monitoring
  • Reconciliation of travel data with payment data


  • A unique transaction number used in the corporate world as a replacement of the real card number.
  • It enables the customer to define single use card, time limited, amount and merchant category specific token that could automatically reconciled corporate spend vs. company travel policies.
  • Very secure and risk limited payment.


Dinit platform has an integrated Acquiring module with end-to-end processing function. Same as issuing management it enables merchant on boarding, payments processing, settlement (on-us closed loop and off-us), payments towards merchants, collection of receivables, account/limit/status management, analytical postings, reporting and other functions. Acquiring solution is designed to support POS, ATM, B2B acquiring and e-commerce.

B2B procurement platform is a unique solution that facilitates supplier payments for goods and services by using Diners products and scheme. Key benefits:

  • Easy and simple payment processes avoiding bank transfers and related fees
  • 100% guaranteed payment on due date
  • Efficient monitoring of cash flows
  • Easy tracking of suppliers expenses

Increased flexibility in purchasing due to the possibility of making payments through different channels – POS, e-commerce, by e-mail and by phone.

Consumer solutions

Consumer solutions at Dinit are always designed with the scope to make shopping faster and easier with more security and safety. As consumer journey is changing, new solutions in collaboration with our clients are developed, Consumer Finance being one of the latest.


  • Wide range of consumer card types (charge cards, revolving cards, prepaid cards, supplement cards,..).
  • Wide range of payment possibilities: Sepa DD, manual payment, e-invoice, etc.


Consumer journey has been changing constantly driven by digital revolution. Lending industry is adapting to this new environment and proposing new financing related services as a way to further stimulate card spending and thus to improve both card payment-related as well as repayment-related revenue streams. At Dinit we developed a standalone solution that supports a variety of consumer finance products such as instalments and consumer loans. It is designed in a way that it can be applied to both issuing and acquiring.

Supported Instalments modality types are:

  • Merchant POS terminal,
  • Cardholder pull action or Cardholder token (thru web portal, Chatbot engine, SMS),
  • Issuer push action (triggered SMS / text message).


Loyalty programs for co-brands includes:

  • Earning and redemption process management (couponing, vouchers etc).
  • Special spend promotion loyalty engine, which tracks the target spending (defined per account) and informs customer of achievement status (% of the target spending achievement)

Co-brand solution includes:

  • Account partner definitions
  • Brand share profit / fees definitions
  • Rewards definitions

Payment processing systems

At Dinit we are using payment processing systems that seamlessly support all corporate and consumer solutions we are developing in cooperation with our valuable clients.  Our processing systems provide reliable, modular and customizable end-to-end processing framework that manages a full range of issuing and acquiring needs and offers scalability as your business grows.


Our CMS has been designed specifically as a card management system able to support end-to-end issuing and acquiring processing. Its modular multi-tier application architecture, seamless integration with other supporting systems and comprehensive entitlement rights for users allows high customization options to tailor CMS to suit client needs and requirements as well as allowing scalability as your business grows. CMS modules: issuing, co-brand, loyalty, acquiring.


  • Designed to support different card schemes (Diners Club International, Discover, MasterCard, Visa,…)
  • Easy to integrate due to SOA (Service Oriented Architecture)
  • Easy and Economical boarding due to highly parametrized and modular system
  • Strong data outputs possibilities for integration with analytical and reporting tools
  • General Ledger integration possibilities
  • PCI compliant tool


Dinit’s Authorisation system is a product of our own expert development team for managing credit card authorizations. It can accept transactions from any payment channel, map these into different formats, authorise and authenticate them, and then route them to any endpoint. It is designed to be robust and reliable, yet providing maximum flexibility to suit client’s specific needs and requirements. It features flexible connectivity and easy boarding and is a user-friendly tool due to its intuitive interaction design.  We adhere to security requirements; EMV compliance, fraud detection and stand-in processing without service disruption in cases when partner systems are out of service.


  • Easy to integrate due to SOA (Service Oriented Architecture)
  • Easy and Economical boarding
  • Intuitive user-friendly tool
  • Flexible to scale your business for future growth
  • Real time monitoring and alerting
  • PCI compliant tool