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Innovation is one of the Dinit’s core values and innovative approach is used through each step of our value chain. In order to accelerate the development of innovative solutions, we have recently formed DinitLab, a R&D innovation hub, where new ideas that are beyond the scope of daily tasks in the organization are tested.

DinitLab is a team of young, ambitious and trend oriented IT developers that are constantly scanning consumer and FinTech trends and finding new ways to exploit them by designing new out of the box solutions.

Dinit Chatbot

The first DinitLab’s solution that has successfully passed the pilot phase is the Chatbot engine, designed to enable complex customer interactions. Dinit Chatbot is a kind of personal finance assistant that provides relevant answers to cardholders and helps them control and manage their cards ensuring privacy, security and compliance. It is a multilingual solution, supported by Natural Language Processing.

Main features and functionalities are: