Ina & Nina: it is important to acquire knowledge from the academic and business environment, everything else comes by itself

Ina comes from Serbia and is a 2nd-year student at the Faculty of Mathematics, Natural Sciences and Information Technologies within the University of Primorska, while Nina comes from Izola and is completing her master’s degree at the same faculty. They are truly wonderful girls, full of optimism, who enjoy studying and their free time activities. They are recipients of Dinit Card Services scholarship within the University of Primorska Scholarship Fund, who impressed the company’s management with their sincerity, hard work, and ambition. We talked to them about the day-to-day challenges of student life and their vision of professional career development.

What were the main reasons to apply to the Scholarship Fund?

Ina: I wanted the financial burden to no longer be borne by my parents. Namely, they financially support me during my studies in Slovenia, while they take care also of my brother and grandparents in Serbia. Which is not easy, of course. The time has come for me to become financially more independent and the scholarship is now the first step. On the other hand, I am very happy to get to know Dinit Card Services better and maybe get a job in the future. I have been working during my studies last year, but I found that it is simply impossible to combine study obligations or give my maximum to study and still work at the same time. The Dinit Card Services scholarship, therefore, allows me to focus entirely on my studies. I don’t study to pass exams solely, but to get as much out of my studies as possible.

Nina: I also worked every year while studying, which was a considerable effort for me, both physically and mentally. The scholarship will now help me to be able to relieve myself financially and take more time for myself during my quite difficult master’s studies. I am also very much looking forward to gaining a detailed insight into the activities of Dinit Card Services, as I would like to use my knowledge and previous experience in the field of programming and development. I like to discover new things in my life and I would like to learn as much as possible, I am an open person who would like to acquire knowledge both from the study and business environment.

How did you react when you got a positive reply from Dinit Card Services?

Ina: Given the type of my studies, natural sciences, and information technologies, I have always wanted to get to know the companies that are leaders in this field. Slovenia has globally recognizable ICT companies, and I am glad that one of them is giving me a scholarship. Also, the multicultural environment and the opportunity to gain experience from the international business environment mean a lot to me. I also notice that, unlike in Serbia, here people selflessly share their knowledge and experience, devote a lot of time to discussing challenges, and consult together on the best solution. In this regard, I was very happy about your positive reply.

Nina: There are very few reputable companies in the field of information technologies in the Slovenian coastal region, and I also know a few employees at Dinit Card Services. Therefore, your positive reply was great news for me. I am also looking forward to the opportunity to acquire additional knowledge within the Dinit Summer School.

What is your vision regarding employment and future career?

Ina: Above all, I want to acquire as much knowledge as possible through regular employment. That is why I came to study in Slovenia because there is no such type of study in Serbia. The study program at FAMNIT is general enough to offer me a huge range of different skills, but it also has certain subjects that I have always wanted to study. There is an extremely positive atmosphere at the faculty, everyone supports you, everyone wants you to succeed. Professors are very open in communication and available literally 24/7 for possible additional questions. In addition, it is great that I am fine with other students and I will also be fine with colleagues when I get a job. Namely, being a good friend to co-workers, both on business and private level, is a guarantee of success.

Nina: My answer is very simple – in life, I want to do what will give me the most satisfaction, and be surrounded by people who think similarly to me. It could also be the job of a cleaner. I just don’t know. The job represents only a third of your life in the period from graduation to retirement. It is essential, however, that I now enjoy studying, spending quality time with my colleagues and professors at the faculty, and acquiring as much theoretical and practical knowledge as possible.

In addition to all your study obligations, do you have any time left for hobbies?

Ina: Yes, I like trying new things, so I had and still have a lot of hobbies – aikido, ballet, salsa, etc. All at the amateur level, of course, if a hobby becomes too serious, then it is no longer a hobby. Along with new hobbies, I also meet new people who come from different backgrounds. I learn a lot from them.

Nina: I started going to mountaineering school this year and I am now finishing it at the elementary level. I love mountains, I love people who share the same hobby. I love the satisfaction of reaching a peak after a long ascent. These feelings are unique. Along with mountaineering, I am also fascinated by kite surfing, since as Izola based student I am very much connected to the sea.

Photo: Primož Patru, Dinit Card Services managing director, with Ina and Nina during their visit at the headquarters