Dinit Card Services with a certificate for processing the Mastercard card scheme

Izola based Dinit Card Services, one of the leading companies in the field of financial technology in the region, acquired a certificate for processing the Mastercard card scheme – An important acquisition as a result of the vision of long-term cooperation with international card schemes and development of innovative card solutions for business environments.

Dinit Card Services is already the processor of the Diners Club International and Discover card schemes, while after almost a year of demanding processes, it has also acquired a certificate for processing the Mastercard card scheme. Integration with one of the leading providers of products and solutions in the field of payments is great recognition for the ambitious company, which opens new business opportunities in cooperating with various financial institutions in the region.

“Obtaining a certificate for processing the Mastercard card scheme was dictated on the one hand by the needs of the market, and on the other hand, it is our natural development in the process of expanding the portfolio of services in the field of payment processing. Although our processing systems are modular and pre-prepared for the needs of issuing and acquiring by various card schemes, it was nevertheless a fairly complex project. Almost all departments within the company were involved in the process of integration with Mastercard, and I would like to highlight the excellent cooperation with representatives of Mastercard, especially its Slovenian branch,” said Primož Patru, Managing Director of Dinit Card Services.

Immediately after acquiring the certificate, the company went into production with the first issuer of Mastercard products, and it opens up many new opportunities, both in the field of processing debit and prepaid products as well as business solutions.

“At Mastercard, we believe that changes are the driver of development. In the business environment, it is therefore extremely important that progress is driven by investment in the development and sharing of knowledge, which improves the satisfaction of end-users. With the new provider in the field of processing, Slovenia is keeping pace with the times and enriches the offer, which will certainly open new paths to even greater diversity in the market,” stated Luka Gabrovšek, Business Director of Mastercard Slovenia.